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Calico Stampable Overlay 50lb Bag

Calico Stampable Overlay 50lb Bag View full size


Calico Stampable Overlay is designed for resurfacing and texturing stable concrete surfaces. It can be used to create appealing and natural looking imprinted concrete patterns such as random stone, brick, wood plank, tile, seamless, etc. Typically it is placed at 1/4” - 3/8” thick depending on the type of surface you are seeking to achieve or decorative concrete stamp being used.

Calico Stampable Overlay can be used on interior and exterior commercial floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, recreational facilities, vertical or horizontal work and much more. It is available in standard white color, but all kinds of colors can be achieved on site by adding Calico Color Pigment Packs and/or coloring after curing using Calico Ez-Tique, Calico Acid Stain or Calico Water-Based Color Stain Concentrate.


1 Bag covers 20 Square Feet @ 3/8" (approximate)


50 LB Bag

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