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Calico Grip 16 Oz

Calico Grip 16 Oz View full size


Calico Grip provides slip resistance. It easily stirs into most oil-based and water-based coatings and sealers, due to its low oil absorption and high solvent resistance. Its low density allows it to stay well suspended in thin materials such as stains and sealers. Excellent for around pools or food preparation areas where cleaning is often necessary or any surfaces needing additional slip resistance. Do not use in repellents, silicones or wax coatings.

Coverage: Mix one Calico Grip 16 Oz with 5 Gallons of Sealer, yields Approximately 1,000 Square Feet. 

• Recommended for use in Calico’s Water based and Solvent Based Acrylic Sealers
• Adds additional slip-resistance
• Mixes easily
• Easier to clean than sand textured surfaces
• Easy on bare feet
• Transparent in clear coatings
• Integrally mixes with coating

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