Calico Q-Seal Sealer - Clear

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Calico Q-Seal is a superior quality water repellent, UV resistant, clear acrylic sealer that chemically bonds to cementitious substrates. It is manufactured specifically for porous masonry surfaces such as exposed aggregate concrete, brick, slate, Saltillo tile, stamped concrete, manufactured stone and other various porous concrete surfaces.Calico Q-Seal is suitable for interior and exterior applications where a deep penetrating,non-yellowing, high gloss appearance is needed with extra ultra violet resistance. It’slonger lasting, goes on fast, and stays on longer. Calico Q-Seal will retard efflorescence ofmost cured masonry surfaces.

Calico Q-Seal will darken the porous masonry surface; thereby, allowing the treated surface to appear wet. This sealer is not recommended for non-porous or dense surfaces.


5 and 1 Gallon

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