Concrete Sealer - Dura-Early Seal

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Proline offers this Dura-Early Seal which is a high solid (25%), styrene-acrylic copolymer solution formuated to achieve both a protective and decorative finish as well as allow the concrete to attain full mix design properties. Dura-Early Seal is formulated as follows: High solids (25%) formulation for spray-ability.  Two coats of Dura-Early Seal is preferred to one thick coat.  Low Viscosity economical solvent-based Cure & Seal with no added U.V. blockers for lower cost.


1 Gallon coverage
Smooth Troweled: 300 Square Ft per Gallon (approximate)
Uncured Broom Swept: 200 Square Ft per Gall (approximate)


5 Gallon

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