Concrete Stamps - Ashlar York Stone

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$37.5 - $275


Ashlar York Stone offers 10 different sizes to select from, ranging from 12" x 12" to 36" x 36", and two sizes available in Thin Flex.


ASY1212 (12in x 12in), ASY1212F (12in x 12in Thin Flex), ASY1218 (12in x 18in), ASY1236 (12in x 36in), ASY1818 (18in x 18in), ASY1836 (18in x 36in), ASY2424 (24in x 24in), ASY2436 (24in x 36in), ASY2448 (24in x 48in), ASY3636 (36in x 36in), ASY3636F, (36in x 36in Thin Flex), ASY624 (6in x24in). 

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