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Concrete Stamps - Old Cobble Stone

Concrete Stamps - Old Cobble Stone View full size

$122 - $165


Old Cobblestone has the look of an Old World classic. The stones run in a running bond or offset pattern. There is a variant in the size of the stones with the largest stone measuring 5" x 8 1/2". This pattern can be widely used for driveways, patios, walkway and interiors.


20" x 44"

Available Tools In The Series:

CS100TF Thin Flex (Thinner than a Regular Stamp)
CS100SF Floppy (Same Size as a Regular Stamp, but made of Super Flex Material)

Tools for Old Cobble Stone Stamping Jobs:

CS100, CS100TF Thin Flex, CS100SF Floppy, 2FG, 2FGF, W14R, HT12S, HT4S

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