Concrete Stamps - Sidewalk Old Granite Package

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Our innovative Sidewalk Slate mats reproduce gorgeous Old Granite in running patterns. As part of a three-part installation system, this stamp produces life-like results. Cast from real stone, the ridges, lines and texture give incredible depth and character to the installation. On this A stamp, the stones measure 12"x18" and 24"x18".

Package savings reflected in price.


18" X 36"

Available Size/Series:

SW100A (24in X 12in Tile)
SW100FA Thin Flex (24in X 12in Tile)
SW100B (18in X 18in Tile)
SW100FB Thin Flex (18in X 18in Tile)
SW100C (16in X 20in Tile)
SW100FC (16in X 20in Tile)

Proline Recommended Package Includes:

SW100A Quantity 3
SW100B Quantity 2
SW100C Quantity 1
2OG (20" X 20" Old Granite Cleft Stone Touch-up Skin) Quantity 2
W14R (1/4" Round Touch-up Wheel) Quantity 1

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