European Cobble Series-Double Tool

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$201 - $268


Proline has designed a new radial stamp, unline any on the market, that can create a radius of infinite dimensions with one affordable set of tools. Even more innovative, this stamp series can create a serpentine cobble, a straight cobble or several band tool designs. This piece, the Double Tool, will create a straight cobblestone by itself. This series is a remarkable value, due to the many looks you can create.

Available Size / Series:

ECSRT1000-ROUND TOOL (61.5" X 43.5")
ECSCT2000-CURVED TOOL (27" X 28.5")
ECSHT3000-HALF TOOL (28.25" X 11.25")
ECSFT4000-FULL TOOL (22.5" X 28.25")
ECSDT5000-DOUBLE TOOL (28.25" X 45")

Tools Available. For Accessories, please see the tab below.

ECSDT5000F Thin Flex (Thinner than a Regular Stamp)
ECSDT5000SF Floppy (Same Size as a Regular Stamp but made of Super Flex Material)

Additionally, we offer the European Cobble Series Package up to 20ft. and the European Cobble Series Package up to 30ft. that include the Proline Recommended Stamping Tools needed for your project at a package savings.

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