Concrete Stamps - Random Old Granite

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$250 - $334


Part of our Random Stone series, Proline's Random Old Granite offers a randomly placed stone with sharper grount lines and angles. This pattern has a two part system- when the two pieces are locked together they make a larger scene so the eye does not see a repetitive pattern. With a background of Old Granite texture, stones range in size from 14.5" x 19" to 21.5" x 33"on the A side and 9.5" x 20" to 25" x 25" on the B side.


48" X 48"

Available Tools In The Series:

RS190TF Thin Flex (Thinner than a Regular Stamp)
RS190SF Floppy (Same Size as a Regular Stamp, but made of Super Flex Material)

Tools for Random Old Granite Stamping Jobs:

RS190A, RS190B, RS190TF Thin Flex, RS190SF Floppy, 2OG, 2OGF, HT12S, W14R

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