Concrete Stamps - Seamless Old Granite Cleft Stone

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Talk about innovation - Old Granite Cleft Stone was the very first seamless texture ever produced. It started an entire industry of seamless texture skins. Seamless textures are preferred by contractors and homeowners because they are easy to apply, can be done in less time than pattern concrete, allows for a clean look with less grout lines and produces a long lasting beautiful addition to your home. Granite is a plutonic rock of the Earth's crust, formed by the cooling of magma into a lovely textured stone. Developed from real rock, Proline's Seamless Old Granite Cleft Stone resembles the natural stone adding the benefit of lower cost, higher durability and inherent strength and endurance. Old Granite Cleft Stone has a "signature" vein that sets it apart from all others. A perfect accent to driveways, patios, walkways, kitchen countertops and interior floors - this pattern will surely leave a lasting impression. We offer our seamless textures in 6 varieties of sizes and textures. See: 5OG, 4OG, 3OG, 24OG, 2OG,2OGF. Also see our Border Art stamps and Band Tools for accent tools.

Approximate Sizes:

5' X 5'
4' X 4'
3' X 3'
2' X 4'
20" X 20" Touch Up Skin
20" X 20" Superflex Touch Up Skin

Tools Available in Seamless Old Granite Cleft Stone. For Accessories, please see the tab below.

5OG, 4OG, 3OG, 24OG, 2OG, 2OGF

Additionally, we offer the Seamless Old Granite Cleft Stone Package that includes the Proline Recommended Seamless Skins for your project in various sizes at a package savings.

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