Concrete Stamps - Seamless Belgium Slate

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Aside from chocolate and waffles, Belgium is known for it's fabrication of captivating Slate. The ability of stamped concrete to resemble natural building materials makes stamped concrete a less expensive alternative. Proline can bring Europe to your home with less cost, functionality, durability and in a smaller amount of time. Belgium Slate is for the lover of natural stone in it's element. Enshrouded with nature's crevices and veins, this pattern is a fine replication, making for an "earthy" quality. Look at our many Band Tools and Border Art stamps as accents. All Proline Seamless Texture Mats, with the exception of the touch up skins, come with handles. We offer this pattern in 6 varieties of sizes and material. See: 5BE, 4BE, 3BE, 24BE, 2BE, 2BEF.

Approximate Sizes:

5' X 5'
4' X 4'
3' X 3'
2' X 4'
20" X 20" Touch Up Skin
20" X 20" Superflex Touch Up Skin

Tools Available in Seamless Belgium Slate. For Accessories, please see the tab below.

5BE, 4BE, 3BE, 24BE, 2BE, 2BEF

Additionally, we offer the Seamless Belgium Slate Package that includes the Proline Recommended Seamless Skins for your project in various sizes at a package savings.

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