Concrete Stamps - Seamless Cracked Mud

Concrete Stamps - Seamless Cracked Mud View full size

$45 - $334


In drought conditions, the sun dries mud into desiccation cracks or sun cracks. Give your outdoors the look of the Sahara, Badlands, or the Wilderness with this very unique stamp. We offer this Seamless Texture mat in 6 varieties of sizes and density. As with all Proline Seamless Texture mats, with the exception of the touch up skins, handles are included. See: 5CM, 4CM, 3CM, 24CM, 2CM, 2CMF.

Approximate Sizes:

5' X 5'
4' X 4'
3' X 3'
2' X 4'
20" X 20" Touch Up Skin
20" X 20" Superflex Touch Up Skin

Tools Available in Seamless Cracked Mud. For Accessories, please see the tab below.

5CM, 4CM, 3CM, 24CM, 2CM, 2CMF

Additionally, we offer the Seamless Cracked Mud Package that includes the Proline Recommended Seamless Skins for your project in various sizes at a package savings.


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