Concrete Stamps - Hexagon Roman Slate

Concrete Stamps - Hexagon Roman Slate View full size

$194 - $259


Looking to make a large statement? Proline's 36" Hexagon with Roman Slate texture is a pattern to do just that. A two-part system, with each piece being slightly different for a more random look. Proline also offers a Hexagon in a smaller, 12" size.


36" X 36"

Available Tools In The Series:

SL300TF Thin Flex (Thinner than a Regular Stamp)
SL300SF Floppy (Same Size as a Regular Stamp, but made of Super Flex Material)

Tools for Hexagon Roman Slate Stamping Jobs:

SL300A, SL300B, SL300TF Thin Flex, SL300SF Floppy, 2RS, 2RSF, W14R, HT12S

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