Concrete Stamps - Herringbone Tumbled Travertine

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Proline's Herringbone Tumbled Travertine features a unique texture within a Herringbone design. Featuring tumbled stone edges, this pattern consists of 8" x 16" paver tiles, laid out in a Herringbone pattern. The recessed grout lines and texture protect the antiquing, allowing the installer the choice of no sealer. This is but one of several new patterns featuring Proline's new Tumbled Travertine design.


29" X 47"

Available Tools In The Series:

TTR1000TF Thin Flex (Thinner than a Regular Stamp)
TTR1000SF Floppy (Same Size as a Regular Stamp, but made of Super Flex Material)

Tools for Herringbone Tumbled Travertine Stamping Jobs:

TTR1000, TTR1000TF Thin Flex, TTR1000SF Floppy, 2TRC, 2TRCF, WHE

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