Concrete Stamps - Edge Liner- LEDGER STONE

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$42 - $125


Flexible and reuseable Edge Liner to transfer texture to edges, corners, risers of cast in place steps, counter tops, pool copings and wall caps. Proline's Edge Liners are made of high quality and lightweight polyurethane for extreme durability, resulting in a variety of lifelike natural stone textures.

**If more than eight of the same size and make are purchased a 20% discount will be applied at check out.


98" Lengths

Available Size/Series In Ledger Stone:

ELLS1.0 - Single With Joints (98" X 1")
ELLS1.0NJ - Single Row (98" X 1")
ELLS2.0 - Double With Joints (98" X 2")
ELLS3.0 - Three Row With Joints (98" X 3")
ELLS5.0 - Five Row With Joints (98" X 5")

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