Gem-Tex™ 60 LB Pail

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Proline GEM-TEX™ is a decorative concrete hardener that leaves a solid color surface enhanced with natural flakes of accent colors exposed through the use of DURA REVEAL™ deactivator.  GEM-TEX™ is formulated with color coordinated additives that shine like crystals resulting in a natural, quartz-like finish that sparkles like a gem.  The lightly exposed surface is slip-resistant, ideal for around pools and/or patios.  It is made with the finest pigments and premium cements.  Durable silica sand is used in a tight fitting formula producing a high quality, abrasion resistant surface.

Flake Colors:  Autumn Pallete has gold flakes and the Winter Pallete has silver flakes


A 60 LB pail covers about 100 Square Feet (approximate), but lighter colors may require 100 lbs per 100 Square Feet.


60 LB Pail

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