Concrete Stamps - Opa Locka New England Slate Package

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Opa Locka New England Slate is a two part system with both an A piece and a B Piece. The purpose of multiple tools in a set is to open up the pattern so the eye does not see repetition. Each piece has slight variations in the texture for a more random look. New England Slate is the background texture. Also check out our line of Ashlar Slates for a similiar pattern with a large selection of background textures.

Package savings reflected in price.


24" X 36"

Available Tools In The Series:

SL500TF Thin Flex (Thinner than a Regular Stamp)
SL500SF Floppy (Same Size as a Regular Stamp, but made of Super Flex Material)
Proline Recommended Package Includes:

SL500A Quantity 3
SL500B Quantity 3
SL500FA, Thin Flex Quantity 1
2NE (20" X 20" New England Touch-up Skin) Quantity 2
HT12S (12" Standard Joint Hand Chisel) Quantity 1
W14R (1/4" Round Touch-up Wheel) Quantity 1

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