Garden Series-Set of 3 Butterflies Concrete Stamp


Set includes Butterfly 1 (16″ X 12″) Butterfly 2 (9″ X 7″) and Butterfly 3 (7″ X 5″)

Shown here in Hammered Edge.

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Of all insects, none elicit pleasure and curiosity more readily than the butterfly. They are among the most beautiful and marvelous creatures in all of nature. Representations of butterflies are seen in Egyptian frescoes, dating more than 3500 years ago. You too can add these beautiful and graceful creatures to any area, inside or out, with Proline’s Hand Sculpted Accent Pieces. Sold individually or in this set of all three, these easy to install pieces are perfect to color with our Accent Water Based Stains. Use them alone, or as a compliment to our Garden Rose Border Art.



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