European Cobble Series-Curved Tool Concrete Stamp


CURVED TOOL (27″ X 28.5″)

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One of five pieces of our new European Cobble Series, this tool will work as part of an infinite radial or by itself as a Serpentine pattern. Thomas Jefferson is credited with bringing the Serpentine brick pattern to American architecture. Proline has produced a very unique stamping tool series of 5 tools that can not only produce a Serpentine design, but a radial, straight cobble or band tools, as well. This graceful wavy pattern will add charm and elegance to any home or business. This series gives the concrete professional the advantage of an affordable tool series with multiple uses and patterns.

Available Size / Series:

ECSRT1000-ROUND TOOL (61.5″ X 43.5″)
ECSCT2000-CURVED TOOL (27″ X 28.5″)
ECSHT3000-HALF TOOL (28.25″ X 11.25″)
ECSFT4000-FULL TOOL (22.5″ X 28.25″)
ECSDT5000-DOUBLE TOOL (28.25 X 45″)

Additionally, we offer the European Cobble Series Package up to 20ft. and the European Cobble Series Package up to 30ft. that include the Proline Recommended Stamping Tools needed for your project at a package savings.


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