European Cobble Series-Package (Up to 20 Feet) Concrete Stamp


Up to 20 Feet

Proline Recommended Package Includes:

ECSRT1000 (Round Tool) Quantity 2
ECSCT2000 (Curved Tool) Quantity 8
ECSHT3000 (Half Tool) Quantity 2
ECSFT4000 (Full Tool) Quantity 3


Proline continues to create and introduce innovative ideas and techniques into the decorative concrete market. This series consists of 5 different stamping tools. These 5 tools can produce a radial that can go out as far as the imagination, along with a serpentine, straight cobble or band tool designs. Totally unique and affordable, Proline’s Cobble Series is unlike any stamping tool on the market.

Package savings reflected in price.

Available Size / Series:

ECSRT1000-ROUND TOOL (61.5″ X 43.5″)
ECSCT2000- CURVED TOOL (27″ X 28.5″)
ECSHT3000-HALF TOOL (28.25″ X 11.25″)
ECSFT4000-FULL TOOL (22.5″ X 28.25″)
ECSDT5000-DOUBLE TOOL (28.25″ X 45″)




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