Random Sandstone Wide Joint 5/8″ – 1/4″ Package Concrete Stamp


Proline Recommended Package Includes:

RS120 Quantity 6
RS120F Thin Flex Quantity 1
2SL (20″ X 20″ Sandstone Light Texture Touch-up Skin) Quantity 2
ST (S-Tool Thin Joint Chisel) Quantity 1
W38R (3/8″ Round Touch-up Wheel) Quantity 1

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Looking for a natural stone look with the durability of concrete? Our Random Sandstone comes in 3 versions including this Wide Joint rendition. Each stamp contains 6 natural looking stones ranging in size from approx. 8′ x 10″ to 13″ to 17.5″. For this same look, on a “Grander” scale, check out our Grand Sandstone Groutable. Stamp size  34″ x 36″.

Package savings reflected in price.



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