Antique Release – Concrete Colors 30 LB Pail


A 30 LB bucket covers approximately 800 – 1000 Square Feet

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Proline Dura-Antique Release is used as a bond breaker in the stamping process. It is a dust-on powder with water repellant properties that helps prevent wet concrete from adhering to the polyurethane texture mat. Proline Dura-Antique Release is also used as a coloring agent, leaving a portion of the color, usually darker than the concrete color, embedded in the low points of the newly textured concrete. It is offered in 40 standard colors to enhance any decorative concrete surface. Use a single color or combine with additional colors to add depth and dimension for a true natural look. Dura-Antique Release is made with stable U.V. resistant, streak-free, iron oxide pigments.

One 30 pound bucket of Proline Dura-Antique Release covers approximately 1000 square feet. The rate may vary slightly, but will be in the range of 3 to 4 pounds per 100 square feet.



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