Color Hardener 60 LB Pail


A 60 LB pail covers about 100 Square Feet (approximate)

*lighter colors may require 100 lbs per 100 Square Feet.

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Proline Dura-Color Hardener is a colored dry-shake hardener that is broadcast by hand over the top of freshly placed concrete and worked in with a wood float to form a dense, colored concrete ‘skin’ on the slab. Dura-Color Hardener is formulated with only quality ingredients for a denser, more durable surface – durable enough for high traffic areas, even. The denser surface will pick up even more details from the texture mat. Dura-Color Hardener is made with U.V. resistant, alkali-friendly, iron oxide pigments and it’s blended in a carefully monitored process for maximum consistency.

One 60 pound bucket of Proline Dura-Color Hardener covers about 80-100 square feet, depending on what color is used. It’s available in over 40 standard designer colors, so make a statement with your concrete!




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