Concrete Sealer – Dura-Seal VOC400 High Gloss Sealer


1 Gallon covers 200 Square Feet (Approximate)

Looking for a Matte Finish? Add DuraFlat to your cart. It is a matting agent mixed by drill motor into your High Gloss Sealer. Weighing 25 grams, it will “matte” a 5 gallon pail.

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RESTRICTED SHIPPING: Cannot ship this product to California.

Proline Dura-Seal is a solvent based clear sealer available in High Gloss and Matte finish. Designed to be used over most cementitious substrates including stamped, color-hardened concrete surfaces and overlays, it will seal over other Proline coatings and is a perfect sealer/color enhancer for chemically stained concrete.

Ideal for interior and exterior use, Dura-Seal will not yellow and has excellent UV stability.



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