Proline Elastomeric


Elastomeric is used in the Proline Crack Repair System to secure the 4″ Reinforcement Fabric over the Epoxy in the cracks. It is also used to waterproof concrete and wood decks and balconies prior to applying a Proline Polymer Concrete Resurfacing System.

Coverage Rate per Gallon 100 sq.ft. per coat


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Proline’s Elastomeric is a unique water-based waterproofing membrane formulated with a non-ionic, car-boxylated, styrene butadiene copolymer latex. It dries to a durable, tough film with high water resistance. It is flexible and elastic and bonds exceptionally well to concrete and wood surfaces.

• Can be applied using a 3/4″ nap paint roller
• Waterproofs concrete and wood decks


This system is designed to repair structural/moving cracks that go through the entire concrete slab. Structural/moving cracks are cracks that will go from an edge to an edge, joint to a joint, or joint to an edge.

System Components: Rapid Repair – Elastomeric – Crack Repair Fabric



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