Proline Pro-Surfacer Concrete Resurfacer


50LB Bag covers 100-250 Square Ft. depending on application thickness.  For most applications coverage is 200 Square Ft. per bag.  Recommended thickness between 0″ – 1/8″

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Proline ProSurfacer is a just add water, high strength, polymer concrete overlay.  This dynamic cementitious blend is designed to restore, repair, and resurface old, stained, and cracked concrete.  ProSurfacer can be applied by trowel, squeegee, or broom to provide to provide the desired texture or finish.  It is also used as a bond/base coat prior to ProStamp, ProTexture, and ProMicro Top applications.  Transform, renew, and restore unsightly concrete with ProSurfacer.  For additional information about this product please refer to the data sheet link below.



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