Proline Magnetic Skins Are a Game Changer


Proline has changed the future of the industry with the innovative Seamless Magnetic Pattern Concrete Sets. Available in a wide variety of looks, these sets have no repeat patterns. You simply rotate and lock in place. The magnets on each of the stamps link up to perfectly align the grout line with no joint squeeze out. Plus, these stamps are more durable yet lightweight so users experience less fatigue while significantly saving on time.

A new way to stamp concrete

Until recently, there were two types of stamps that professionals could use: traditional pattern stamps and seamless texture skins.

  • Traditional stamps are small and fit together like a puzzle. To counteract the shifting that occurs during stamping, users must continually kick the stamps to keep them in place. This kicking action causes the concrete to squeeze up between the pieces, creating double joint lines. These double lines look unprofessional and sloppy and so require touch-up, which significantly slows down the process.
  • Seamless texture skins come in larger sizes and don’t create double lines so the stamping process is much easier. However, these skins are only available in generic textures, not specific patterns.

Seamless Magnetic Pattern Concrete Stamps (also called SPS) combine the best features of these stamping methods. They are built to last with fiber reinforcement and increased durability. No stamp or handle tearing with these products! They also significantly improve the ease of use while speeding up the process. Since these stamps are half the weight of seamless texture skins, one person can easily use these larger skins alone.  Less weight and larger size to cover more area per skin equals less lifting and placement and, more importantly, less body fatigue.

Larger size…Yep, the skins are 3-6 times larger than the old traditional pattern stamps so the overall process is faster, especially since the user can get on the concrete earlier thanks to the product’s increased rigidity. No squeeze-out and no touching up speeds up the process too!

How do Seamless Magnetic Pattern Concrete Stamps work?

Want to see them in action? Check out this video!

There are so many benefits to these stamps, it’s no surprise they’re taking the industry by storm.

  • Cut labor costs and stamping time!
  • Self-aligning patterns thanks to strong magnets that line up joints
  • Zero touch up
  • Rotate 90 or 180 degrees to create different looks
  • Lightweight
  • More rigid

Calico Construction Products is proud to carry these innovative stamps by Proline. View our selection of Seamless Magnetic Pattern Stamps. Questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-221-9469.