We Got A New Sign

November 25, 2014

new sign-400The mother ship, Concrete Accessories, Inc., got a new sign!  Our store has been in the same spot on Meade Avenue in Las Vegas for almost as long as I can remember.  My dad, Jack Sr., established Concrete Accessories in 1971.  I remember a small office with shag carpet on the walls that my twin sister and I thought was really cool. We were around 5 years old.  (Remember, it was the early 70s if you are wondering about that carpet on the wall.)


Established in 1971


Jack “Tapper” Christiansen Jr.

Later my dad bought some land and built the warehouse that is in this picture.  He took pictures of the construction progress from start to finish. He was proud and so were we.  The thing that really amazes  me is that my dad had the guts to go out on his own and start his own business with three very young kids and one on the way. My dad was the sole provider in our family. That took nerve.    I think about that often. I have just one child to support and I don’t think I would have the guts to start a business with all of the uncertainties.  It certainly wasn’t easy for my dad.  In the early 80s things got tough and the Vegas economy (especially construction) tanked.  The store was open half days and my dad had to let most of his employees go. I think he just had one other guy besides himself.  The stress of that with kids to support must have been incredible. He persevered though, and the late 80s proved to be good times for the construction industry.  My little brother began working full time for the business after college and soon after was running the store. I began working for the company managing the website when I had a baby and wanted to be at home. I’d hoped to do it for five years until my son started school. Amazingly, both my brother, his wife, and myself are all employed by the company my dad started.  It’s been 12 years for me. When I attend the concrete shows I hear a lot about second and third generation concrete.  My brother and I are second generation concrete. My niece (she’s the boss) is now third generation concrete. Thanks Dad!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


My niece, already working for the company, third generation concrete.