World of Concrete 2015 – Las Vegas, NV

The World of Concrete 2015 was busier than ever this year. Proline’s booth was hopping and I got to meet several of my customers as well as create bonds with new customers. It was also great seeing those of you I’ve met in past years.  Several of you took advantage of our yearly 20% off sale during the month of February for the World of Concrete attendees. There were some fantastic savings for those of you that saved up and purchased the large quantities. One customer saved $2500.

Some new items were introduced at the Wold of Concrete.  Most popular was the new reclaimed wood series. Proline introduced the new 16″ wide by 8′ long reclaimed wood stamps as well as a reclaimed wood bench mold (16″ x 5′) and table top molds in two different sizes (52 x 37 in. and 72 x 37 in.)

Reclaimed timber planks L

Reclaimed Timber Concrete Stamps



Also in the Reclaimed Wood series are the reclaimed wood form liners that are used with Sonotube to create a large table base or smaller wood posts in four different patterns.  Key to understanding how these work, two form liners fit in a 24″ Sonotube. Three form liners would fit in a 36″ Sonotube. The liner is 47 x 37.5 in. and the posts are 48 x 14 in.

reclaimed timer

Reclaimed Timber Stamped Concrete




Proline also introduced the water feature molds in the ledger stone pattern. The size of the mold is 91 x 37 in.  If you were at the World of Concrete in the last few years you saw this water feature. By popular demand, you can now create your own.



Water Feature Mold – Ledger Stone

For those of you that didn’t make it to the show this year, I encourage you to come next year. It’s a great way to see the new products as well as meet the people that make these items. They are always interested in your feedback and addressing your future needs.

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