5 Stamped Concrete Trends in 2022

Do you want to make sure your stamped concrete projects earn a stamp of approval this year?  Learn what we’ve been seeing and what we anticipate homeowners will be looking for in 2022!

Trend #1: Renewed focus on outdoor living

It’s true that outdoor living surged in popularity during the pandemic. And while this trend may not be “new” exactly, we’re here to tell you that it’s not going away any time soon! That’s because making the most of yard space makes sense for many reasons. Enhancing outdoor areas to be comfortable and utilitarian is a smart way to make the most of your available space while also giving you an enjoyable way to entertain. Whether you’re upgrading a patio or creating an outdoor kitchen (or something in between!), homeowners love a functional and beautiful outdoor space.

Color Hardener – Powdered Antique Release – EZ-Tique Antiquing Washing – Smith’s Color Floor – Italian slate seamless stamps – 2″ Denali liners Perry's Decorative Concrete in Shelby, OH

Trend #2: Bright, vivid color

Last year we held a photo contest. One takeaway from the incredible project photos our customers submitted … color is big! Whether bright and cheerful or beautifully subtle, tinting your stamped concrete project shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s no better way to create a functional space that also visually complements the other elements of a property. At Calico, we offer a wide range of concrete color and tinting options. From bright turquoise and reds to soft blues and greens, there are so many possibilities. To freshen up existing concrete, try color packs for cementitious overlays or ProStain. On new concrete, use Proline Color Hardener or Integral color. Once you have your base color, accent with color options like Antique Powder Release, EZ-Tique Antiquing Wash, or water-based acrylic stain. Get inspired with our Idea Gallery!

bens concrete creations
Proline Blue Ridge Stone – Integral Color – Acid Stain. Ben's Concrete Creations, LLC in Blairsville, GA

Trend #3: Concrete countertops

For a bold, modern look, concrete countertops are a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas, as well as commercial businesses like restaurants and bars. They are incredibly customizable, durable, and easy to maintain. Leave them grey for an industrial look or customize them with stains and stamps to mimic other materials like granite or wood. Polish the surface, embed decorative accents, and add an interesting edge. Custom features can be included, too, like cutting boards or even integrating lighting. When concrete countertops are reinforced with glass fibers, they are lightweight yet strong.

Trend #4: Interior concrete floors

An interior concrete floor is a striking design choice that is infinitely customizable. It’s a great choice for both commercial and residential applications. Due to its weight, interior concrete is best suited when pouring a fresh slab or modifying an existing one. Concrete is so strong that it’s an ideal choice for areas that may experience heavy foot traffic, spills, and heavy furniture. When installed properly, it will last beautifully for years. It’s also easy to maintain, requiring little more than a sweep and damp mopping to keep it clean. Periodic resealing will keep it looking pristine. The ability to add radiant heat is another major plus for those who live in chilly, damp climates.

Trend #5: Concrete patios

With lumber prices soaring again in 2022, we expect that concrete patios will be more popular than wood decks. A concrete patio can be just as aesthetically pleasing as one made of wood, especially due to its ability to be stamped, stained, and polished. We offer the full line of Proline concrete stamps, which include such options as wood planks, cobblestone, square tile, and random stone, just to name a few. When you add in the ability to stain and tint concrete, your results will fit in with any home’s design or style.

Ready to get started on your stamped concrete project?

Contact the pros at Calico Construction Products if you’re ready to begin your 2022 project! Shop our wide selection of concrete stamps, coloring options, and accessories. We’re standing by to answer your questions! Just give us a call at 800-221-9469.

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