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Get Your Concrete Patio Ready For Summer

June 2, 2022 By
The days are getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and you’re thinking about grilling out. Summer is almost here! Make sure your beautiful decorative concrete patio is ready for all your summer entertaining. Follow our easy tips and you’ll never want to go back inside! Step 1: Check for winter damage Winter can be tough.... Read More

Take Beautiful Photos of Your Concrete Project

September 16, 2021 By
As a concrete contractor you’re experienced with taking your customer’s requests and your vision to make your project look great. As with many projects, the work doesn’t end when the job does. Are you taking photos of your competed projects? Photos are such a vital tool in promoting your business. Whether using them in a... Read More

Garage Trends to Watch In 2021

October 26, 2020 By ,
It’s safe to say that everyone is ready to leave 2020 behind. So, let’s take a glimpse into 2021 and discuss what’s going to be hot next year in the world of garages. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, you’ll love these practical yet on-trend ideas. Trend #1: Garage Conversions Throughout the pandemic, homeowners... Read More

To Seal or Not to Seal Concrete

September 16, 2020 By ,
Not sure if you should use a sealer on your new concrete patio, driveway, or walkway? While it might be tempting to skip one more step, we highly recommend that you seal your concrete project! Whether it’s to enhance colors or to repel stains, sealers are a vital step in most concrete jobs. Concrete Sealers... Read More

How To Repair Cracked Concrete

July 23, 2020 By
A properly installed concrete patio or driveway can last for decades but it's inevitable that small cracks or holes may eventually appear. Unlike other materials, such as wood, concrete can be repaired and restored to its former glory so it looks like new. If your concrete has developed a few imperfections, it's important that you... Read More