5 Inspiring Ways to Transform Your Backyard with Stamped Concrete

Looking to renovate your backyard and give it a fresh new look? Consider the incredible transformative powers of decorative concrete. As we’ve seen time and time again, concrete is no longer a cold, gray material suitable for nothing more than roads. Concrete is highly customizable, capable of providing nearly limitless looks and styles. Read on for our top tips for transforming backyards with versatile, beautiful concrete!

Add a concrete patio

A concrete patio is often the foundation for a fantastic new backyard. From serving as a gathering space, a dining area, or a place to read, a patio is functional and beautiful, thanks to stamped concrete’s limitless customization options. Concrete is the perfect material for a patio since it can be stamped to look like nearly any natural material, such as wood, brick, tile, and stone. With tinting options, concrete can look beautifully realistic to match the stamp used or you can up the ante and use bright, bold colors.

Create a backyard fire pit

Fire pits are a perpetually popular backyard feature. Whether warm summer evenings or cold winter nights, fire pits are a great way to get the family outside and away from screens or to catch up with friends over a drink. Proline form and edge liners are an easy way to craft a durable, attractive fire pit.

Install a kitchen area

If you’re a big griller, then consider upgrading your grill area by installing an outdoor kitchen. Adding concrete countertops makes food prep a breeze and you’ll love the customization options, from integrated lighting and cutting boards to polishes, embedded accents, and stains. Thanks to concrete stamps, a counter can mimic most natural materials and complement any style of patio and home. Additions like a mini fridge, wine cabinet, flat top griddle, trash bins, and cupboards are a fantastic way to keep entertaining streamlined and enjoyable. Consider covering part of the kitchen so diners can be protected from the elements and ample lighting options for evening parties.

Incorporate a water feature

The sound of moving water is so relaxing. It’s the perfect addition to help turn your yard into your own private oasis. Proline’s elegant Ledger Stone Wall Fountain Mold is one turnkey option, while a variety of form and edge liners let you design your own creation. Enjoy your morning coffee with the peaceful sound of water.

Build a garden path

Nothing is as enchanting as a garden path! Bring whimsy and magic to your yard by building a path that meanders through your yard. Have a small yard? No worries! Even a short path leading from a patio to a raised bed can be useful and adorable. Decorative concrete walkways can seamlessly coordinate with the look and feel of your patio, whether modern, rustic, or minimalist. Add accents and edging to create an intentional piece that elevates the space.

Why concrete?

Concrete is functional yet aesthetically pleasing, a combination that isn’t often seen. Don’t settle for a material that either won’t meet your needs or doesn’t have the look you’re going for. Concrete can do both!

Functional advantages:

Concrete is obviously strong. It’s used to make roads, after all! Concrete is also very durable. It can withstand above average wear-and-tear, and when properly maintained, can last over 30 years. While concrete does need to be sealed periodically, it requires little else in the way of maintenance. Simple sweeping and cleaning when it gets dirty is generally enough to keep it looking great.

Decorative advantages:

Concrete has the ability to look as elaborate as one wishes. Stamp options, which include brick, wood planks, stone, slate, and more, mean that practically any design needs can be met. Color is another major advantage of concrete. Products like acid stain, color hardener, antiquing washing, and acrylic stain provide endless color options.

Small touches can make a big impact. Border art and decorative accents create a cohesive look while animal and plant stamps can provide a personalized touch. Statement pieces like a compass rose stamp or a gorgeous medallion create show-stopping spaces.

Tip: Don’t forget the edging. When designing your new backyard, don’t forget to incorporate edging to define spaces and keep grass from spreading. Concrete edging, which is durable and easy to clean, provides a clean look.

Get started today

Contact Calico today at 800-221-9469 to get all the tools and advance you need to get started on your backyard projects. Our concrete experts love to talk through any problems or questions you have. If you’re ready to get shopping, browse our selection of concrete stamps, form and edge liners, colors, and sealers.

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