Basic But Not Boring: Concrete Walkways

A concrete sidewalk may not sound groundbreaking but don’t discount this functional element. If using concrete stamps and colors, a simple sidewalk or walkway can be transformed into a beautiful feature that perfectly accents a home or business. Let’s get inspired!

Benefits of concrete walkways

Many materials can be used to make attractive walkways, such as gravel, brick, pavers, and natural stone. While these materials have their own set of pros and cons, in our opinion, nothing beats concrete! This popular material is inexpensive and readily available and, of course, it’s extremely durable. While concrete can crack over time, its average lifetime is up to 30 years, especially if properly installed and maintained. Additionally, the ability to add decorative elements to concrete, through the use of stamps and tints, is an attractive prospect for homeowners looking for the ultimate in customization.

A concrete sidewalk:

  • Lasts for decades
  • Is low maintenance
  • Has a lower life cycle cost
  • Can be customized and designed
Ashlar stamped concrete job by GLS Flatwork
Ashlar stamped concrete job by GLS Flatwork

How to create a decorative sidewalk

Stamped concrete is a fantastic option that yields beautiful yet practical results. With nearly unlimited patterns and colors available, concrete stamps are an increasingly popular option. Decorative concrete can coordinate with any type of design style, whether it’s modern, rustic, industrial, or coastal. With careful color application and the use of patterns such as reclaimed wood, brick, flagstone, and slate, a concrete walkway can replicate the look of many other materials. Plus, the addition of edging, borders, medallions, and accents can take any walkway from boring to a showstopper.

We’re proud to carry high-quality products by Proline:

Seamless Magnetic Pattern Concrete Stamps: The magnets on the stamps link up the tools to perfectly align the grout lines. No repeat patterns, just rotate and lock in place! Lighter weight results in less user fatigue with increased coverage and no joint touch up or squeeze out. Read Proline Magnetic Skins Are a Game Changer!

Super Skins: These virtually indestructible stamps have fiber reinforced composite construction and a limited lifetime warranty. At half the weight of traditional skins, they’re twice as stiff. Learn more about Super Skins!

Random Stone stamped concrete path by Outback Concrete
Random Stone stamped concrete job by Outback Concrete

Color and tints

Grey concrete is a thing of the past! There are practically endless options when it comes to tinting, staining, and texturing, especially when you include the products that can be mixed and matched. Whether you’re looking for bright statement colors or muted earth tones, there are tons of fantastic possibilities.

Use Proline Color Hardener or Integral Color for base color on new concrete and color packs for cementitious overlays or ProStain to brighten up existing concrete. Products like water-based acrylic stain, EZ-Tique Antiquing Wash, and Antique Release can be used to accent.

Concrete walkway maintenance

A concrete walkway is fairly low maintenance. Frequent sweeping will help dirt and grime from building up, and a good scrubbing once or twice a year will keep it looking great. Consider applying sealer every few years to preserve the concrete, intensify the colors, and make it easier to clean. Sealers can prevent also damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

Find your inspiration!

Silversmith Concrete Project
Decorative concrete walkway created with Proline touch up wheels – EZ-Tique Antiquing Wash – Powdered Antique Release - Silversmith Concrete in Western NY
This homeowner used Proline Antique Release and Garden Series stamps to create this lovely border. And note the embedded shell!
This homeowner used Proline Antique Release and Garden Series stamps to create this lovely border. And note the embedded shell!
Motor City Stamped Concrete: Integral Color – Powdered Antique Release – Acid Stain
Motor City Stamped Concrete: Integral Color – Powdered Antique Release – Acid Stain

Get started on your decorative concrete walkway!

Contact the concrete experts at Calico Construction Products. Shop our wide selection of concrete stamps, coloring options, and accessories. We’re standing by to answer your questions! Just give us a call at 800-221-9469.


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