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Welcome! We’ve had a lot of new customers recently, so we wanted to share a little bit more about our company and products. It’s important to us that you know our story, what we do, and why we can offer you the best decorative concrete stamps, stains, and accessories.

What we do

Here at Calico, offering competitively priced, high quality decorative concrete products has been our mantra since we opened in 1971. Why? We love that concrete can be used to create so many wonderful and durable things like tables, sinks, bookcases, and more. There are almost limitless opportunities to turn any concrete project into a striking, functional, and unforgettable piece of art.

We’re proud to be an authorized distributor for Proline concrete stamps and tools and Smith concrete paints, which each produce the best quality concrete products available on the market today.

Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, if you’re looking to beautify, transform, color, restore, repair, or protect a concrete project, we can help!

Get inspired! Learn more about our decorative concrete products

Let’s dive into our main product categories, and break down how they can each offer impactful and memorable additions to your next concrete project.

Add a stylish touch with concrete stamps

This is the heart and soul of Calico Construction Products! We offer the full line of Proline concrete stamps including Ashlar stone, brick, cobblestones, slate, sandstone, granite, reclaimed wood, and more. Plus, we carry Proline’s super skins, a more convenient way to stamp thanks to their lightweight and increased rigidity. Table and patio concrete molds create durable and stylish furniture and medallion stamps are a popular way to create beautiful statement pieces.

From a wide variety of textures, skins, and border art to custom stamps, accent pieces, and animal tracks for personalized touches, you’ll have the tools you need to make your project a work of art.

Simplify your projects with our concrete stamp packages

Do you like saving money while completing your project with ease? So do we. This is where our Proline concrete stamp packages come in. We offer a wide variety of packages for your decorative concrete needs, including Ashlar stone, slate, tile, reclaimed timber, limestone, and more. Most packages contain the minimum number of stamps and accessories recommended for the pattern, and our seamless packages and seamless magnetic pattern stamp packages will save you time on the job site — just rotate and lock in place for perfectly aligned grout lines.

Proline Running Bond Brick Blue Concrete Mat

Complete your decorative concrete project with form & edge liners

Concrete Form & Edge Liners are incredibly useful because they are used to act as a mold for the concrete to be formed against. Unique to the industry, Proline’s edge liners are designed to fit form lumber and complete your decorative concrete projects. Available in a variety of realistic natural stone textures, you’ll be able to create outdoor fire pits, fountains, countertops, steps, walls, and more with these decorative form liners. Lightweight and high quality, Proline’s flexible and reusable concrete edge liners transfer texture to edges, corners, and risers.

Add a unique touch to your project with our vast selection of concrete colors and stains

Concrete stamps are great on their own, but can be elevated with magnificent color by adding colors and stains. We offer an extensive collection of water-based acrylic stains, acid stains, color hardener, antiquing wash, integral color, and more. For a vibrant look, add color to wet concrete, or  a translucent effect with stains. Consider adding sparkling color with GEM-TEX™, a decorative concrete hardener. To learn more about colors and tints, read our answers to frequently asked questions about our stamped concrete coloring options.

Shop our wide variety of protective and decorative concrete sealers and finishes

After you’ve added some beautiful color to your concrete project, you’ll want to maintain its color and intensity, make the surface easier to clean, and reduce freeze-thaw damage. For this we offer a wide variety of protective and decorative Proline concrete sealers and finishes. Our solutions include solvent-based clear sealers in high gloss or matte, as well as products for interior or exterior uses and those that increase slip resistance, repel water, or are UV resistant.

Finish your project with ease with our accessories and tools

In addition to selecting your concrete stamps, color, and finishes, make sure you also have the accessories and tools needed finish your decorative concrete project with ease! We have high quality Proline tools in a variety of sizes, whether you need chisels, tampers, joint texturing strips, or touch up wheels.

Concrete Stamps - Sample Ring of Seamless Texture Skins

Questions? Contact us!

Ready to get started on your next decorative concrete project? Contact Calico at 800-221-9469 to chat with our concrete pros, who are happy to talk through any problems or questions you have. Or if you’re ready to get shopping, shop our selection of concrete stamps, form and edge liners, colors, and sealers.

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