Reclaimed Timber Plank 12″ Concrete Stamp


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Proline manufactures the most life-like and beautiful wood planks in the market. This pattern consists of a 12″ wide reclaimed wood timber plank that comes in two different planks of the same size as well as two shorter planks to provide a more natural look.

Available sizes in the Reclaimed Timber 12″ Planks

BW1275A is 12″ x 75″
BW1275B is 12″ x 75″
BW1237A is 12″ x 37″
BW1237B is 12″ x 37″
BW1237FA and BW1237FB are 12″ x 37″

Additionally, we offer the Reclaimed Timber 12″ Plank Package that includes the Proline Recommended Stamping Tools and a selection of Accessories needed for your project at a package savings.


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