Boardwalk 12″ Wood Plank with Nails Package


Proline Recommended Package Includes:

BW100 (4′ Wood Plank) Quantity 4
BW100F Thin Flex (4′ Wood Plank Thin Flex) Quantity 1
BW110 (6′ Wood Plank) Quantity 2
BW120 (8′ Wood Plank) Quantity 1
BW12 (Wood Grain 12″ X 32″ Touch-up Skin) Quantity 2
HT12S (12″ Standard Joint Hand Chisel) Quantity 1
W18F (1/8″ Flat Touch-up Wheel) Quantity 1

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Proline offers the look of wood flooring with the durability of concrete. Our Boardwalk is highly life-like, right down to the pegs in the planks. Each plank is 12″ wide and comes in 4′, 6′ & 8′ lengths. Use our Water Based Acrylic Stains to color this pattern to your choice or brown tones for natural wood look. Color in gray tones and add our Wild Mustang Border Art for a true Western look. We also offer a 6″ wood plank, see BW170.

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