Reclaimed Timber Plank 8″ Wide Package


Proline Recommended Package Includes:
BW837A (8″ x 37″) Quantity 3
BW837B (8″ x 37″) Quantity 3
BW875A (8″ x 75″) Quantity 3
BW875B (8″ x 75″) Quantity 3
BWR16A (16″ x 32″ Reclaimed Timber Touch-up Skin Part A) Quantity 1
BWR16B (16″ x 32″ Reclaimed Timber Touch-up Skin Part B) Quantity 1
HT8S (8″ Standard Chisel) Quantity 1

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Proline manufactures the most life-like and beautiful wood planks in the market. This pattern consists of 8″ wide reclaimed wood timbers. The look is worn wood with scratches, bolts, nail holes and knife marks that create a history within the wood timbers.  Use any of our beautiful Water Based Acrylic Stains and EZ-Tique Water Based Antiquing System colors to add your mark of distinction.

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