Proline Rapid Repair


Proline’s Rapid Repair Crack and Spall Filler is a two component 1:1 by volume, fast setting, high-strength urethane repair material. Rapid Repair is designed to repair cracks, spalls and joints prior to applying epoxy, polyurethane, polymer concrete, overlays, or any other coating system. Rapid Repair is also used to repair damaged control joints and spalled concrete in warehouses due to forklift and steel wheeled cart abuse. Rapid Repair can be ground smooth within 15-20 minutes.



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About Rapid Repair:

● Fast setting ● 100% Solids, No VOC’s
● Meets USDA requirements
● High strength, high impact resistance
● Cures from -20°F to 130°F
● Self-priming, self-leveling
● 15 minute dry time


This system is designed to repair structural/moving cracks that go through the entire concrete slab. Structural/moving cracks are cracks that will go from an edge to an edge, joint to a joint, or joint to an edge.

System Components: Rapid Repair – Elastomeric – Crack Repair Fabric



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