Stamped Concrete Job of the Month


This pool deck was done by Baltz and Sons out of Memphis, TN. Our popular concrete stamp Arizona Flagstone (RS300) pattern was used and each stone was colored uniquely with acid stain. Taking the time to ensure that the stones look different sets this job apart. This look can be achieved by selecting a color hardener such as Arizona Buff, an antique release such as Mission Beige and then using acid stain or water based stains such as Ez-Accent and Ez-Tique to add that special touch to the stones.

This picture is what the stamps look like. They are approximately 36” x 52” and come in an A, B and C. Meaning, this pattern will not be complete with less than the A, B, and C stamps. When you see options like A, B and C it means that each stamp is unique rather than the same impression.



Here’s the link for the color:

Color Hardener –

Antique Release –

Ez-Tique –

Ez-Accent –

Acid Stain –