The Many Benefits of a Concrete Pool Deck

Have you been dreaming about adding a swimming pool to your backyard? While no small task, if you have the budget for your own personal pool, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while getting some low-impact exercise. Opting for a concrete pool deck over wood or stone is a smart choice if you want a pool that has a luxurious look without a hefty price tag.

Decorative concrete benefits

Exposed aggragate pooldeck by Baltz and SonsIf the plain grey concrete at your community pool comes to mind, think again. Concrete has a wide variety of decorative options that can match or accentuate any home. Maybe you want to imagine your pool is in the Mediterranean or some tropical locale, or perhaps you want a modern pool that complements your home. No matter the style, concrete can get the job done. Here are just a few stamping options (but make sure to check out our full selection!).

  • Wood stamps mimic the look of real wood without requiring any trees to be cut down. Plus, you won’t have to worry about replacing real wood planks that get damaged by moisture or chemicals. (Added bonus? No slivers!)
  • Tile stamps provide a classic look while avoiding complicated installation and messy grout, which can crack. With so many color, texture, and shape options, you’ll find something that gives you a look you love.
  • Random stone is another beautiful option that gives you the look of real stone and comes in a variety of styles, from sandstone to garden stone to slate.

Don’t forget about the little touches that can really make your pool deck special! Border art and decorative accents provide the details that bring your whole look together. A variety of animal and plant stamps offer the ability to truly personalize your new pool, whether you want something cute, rustic, or classic. Plus, consider a statement piece like a compass rose stamp or a gorgeous medallion for a show-stopping space.

And what about color? The options are endless. Deep gray decks can mimic slate or stone, while browns, which often look nice with many homes, can cover everything from light tan to rich walnut. Light colors like white are increasing in popularity too. Besides staying cool, white is often considered to be a minimalist and modern color choice.

Functional benefits

Concrete is a workhorse, which makes it perfect for a home pool:

#1: Concrete is durable. They use it for roads, after all! When you use concrete, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time, even when exposed to harsh weather. While a concrete pool deck may end up with cracks over time, they’re easily fixed with a patch kit. Even the intense chemicals from the pool won’t affect your concrete’s durability or color if you’ve used the proper sealant.

#2: Concrete is less expensive than other options. Cheaper than stone or tile, concrete is a great cost-effective options. Labor is also usually less expensive.

#3: Concrete is low maintenance. Without any grout lines or gaps to deal with, you can easily clean your pool deck once a year with a power washer.

#4: Concrete can be treated so it’s not slippery. Normally, yes, wet concrete is slippery. That’s why we always recommend that contractors incorporate a non-skid additive into the concrete to ensure that no one slips when they’re walking around the pool. It’s a quick and easy process that you’ll appreciate every time you use the pool.

Additional enhancements

Once you have your beautiful, stamped pool deck installed, you might wonder how else you can customize your space! Consider incorporating the following elements into your outdoor area:

  • Landscaping: Plants accentuate a pool and provide focal points. Landscaping also adds privacy and can help muffle sound. Trellises and climbing plants can create a beautiful living wall, while raised planters add visual interest.
  • Lighting: You can’t go to a garden store without seeing little string lights — people love outdoor lights! Use them to your advantage and create a magical space by using pathway lighting and uplighting on interesting elements or beautiful trees. Line the perimeter of your pool with lights for a dramatic look and use lighting around your seating area for comfortable evening lounging.
  • Living space: You’re going to be using your pool all summer (or maybe even year-round), so make sure that it’s comfortable for all your guests. Invest in a variety of comfortable seating options and use umbrellas or awnings to create ample shade. Consider including a grilling or outdoor kitchen area if your space permits. Plus, make sure to decorate!

A note on safety:

Safety is so important, as well as required by insurance and building codes. If you’re installing a new pool, be sure to follow the recommended guidelines for your area, whether they include installing a locked gate, adding a pool cover, or utilizing sensors or an alarm system.

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