5 Ways to Make Your Project a Work of Art

Your concrete project is planned out and you know your client is going to love it. Here are a few quick tips to help turn your project into a work of art.

Tip #1: Use Proline SUPER Skins

You’re already a pro at concrete stamping but make sure you’re using tools that will make your job as easy as possible. Proline’s Seamless Magnetic Pattern Concrete Stamps are the best way to make your vision a reality. These lightweight but rigid stamps have self-aligning patterns, thanks to strong magnets that line up joints. They can also rotate 90 or 180 degrees to create different looks. Requiring zero or very little touch up, they’ll cut your labor costs significantly. For more, read Proline Magnetic Skins Are a Game Changer.

Tip #2: Try an Accent Piece

Consider adding one or two seamless accent pieces to your project. A well-place landscape stamp, spiral sun stamp, or animal stamp is a great way to add flair and personality. Or, consider a selection from our wide assortment of hand sculpted accent pieces. Choose from our aquatic, equestrian, garden, and wildlife themes.

Tip #3: Define the Space

Borders are perfect for physically defining a project while adding a little something special to the overall look. Define the outline of a patio or add emphasis to landscaping. Shop our selection of animal, garden, and decorative borders.

Tip #4: Use a Medallion Stamp

Talk about a show-stopper! Medallion stamps are a classic and gorgeous method for adding a special style to your project. They’re a perfect way to add visual impact to a driveway or patio. From the classic compass rose to suns to lotus flowers, you’ll find a stamp for every client.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Color!

Concrete used to have a reputation for being drab but we know that’s anything but true! With the wide range of concrete color and tinting options available, there’s no excuse for a boring grey patio or driveway. From soft browns and blues to brick reds to bright turquoise, your options are endless! Get your base color with Proline Color Hardener or Integral Color for new concrete, Color packs for cementitious overlays or ProStain to brighten up your existing concrete.  Accent with color options including water-based acrylic stain, EZ-Tique Antiquing Wash, Antique Powder Release and more, you’re sure to find the right product combination for the job.

Ready to make your project a work of art?

Contact the concrete experts at Calico Construction Products. Shop our wide selection of concrete stamps, coloring options, and accessories. We’re standing by to answer your questions! Just give us a call at 800-221-9469.

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