Connors Quarry Stone Package


Proline Recommended Package Includes:

AS1100A Quantity 2
AS1100B Quantity 2
AS1100C Quantity 2
AS1100F Thin Flex Quantity 1
2QS (20″ X 20″ Quarry Stone Touch-up Skin) Quantity 2
W14R (1/4″ Round Touch-up Wheel) Quantity 1

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A supersize Ashlar pattern of saw-cut blocks.  They can be flipped 180 degrees to give a great random effect. Large Stones are 25.5″ x4 1.5″ and Small Stones are 8.5″x16.5″. Overall stamp size is 36″ x 55″.

This super-sized Ashlar pattern of saw-cut blocks is making a great impression on concrete this year. With never before seen 41″ stones and a brand new texture to boot! This pattern mimics saw-cut quarried stone for an incredible openness and simplicity.


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