Wood Stamped Concrete – Beautiful and Durable

Everyone loves the look of a beautiful hardwood floor. What can be more Pinterest-worthy? However, true hardwood floors are costly and require some significant maintenance. Even durable wood flooring can be susceptible to water damage and the scratches that come with normal wear and tear. Other faux wood options, like laminate and tile, offer varying degrees of durability and cost depending on materials and brand.

One of our favorite lines of Proline concrete stamps is the wood planks. These diverse stamps give your floor or patio the look and color of wood with the great benefits of concrete. Not sure if they’re right for your project? Read on to learn more about these incredible tools!

Wood Plank Concrete Stamped Deck

Types of wood concrete stamps

Calico Construction Products offers Proline’s full line of wood plank concrete stamps. Thanks to our variety of stamps and color options, you can create a look that mimics classic wood, weathered wood, and more.

  • Boardwalk: Highly life-like, right down to the pegs in the planks. Each plank is 12″ wide and comes in 4′, 6′ & 8′ lengths.
  • End Grain 6″ Post: This truly unique pattern replicates the ends of 6″ x 6″ posts. Each square has a circular wood grain, giving it the look of real wood posts.
  • Hand Hewn Timber Plank: Go for the rustic look with these stamps that provide a realistic hand-cut look. Available in 16” planks.
  • Parquet Wood: Replicate the look of parquet (small blocks of wood laid in a regular pattern) with concrete! In diagonal 6″ planks and straight 8” planks.
  • Random Boardwalk Wood Plank with Knots: A lifelike option, down to the knots. Available in 6” and 8” plank
  • Reclaimed Timber Plank: Reclaimed lumber is extremely popular yet often expensive. Concrete will get you the same look but with so many benefits! Available in 8”, 12”, and 16” planks.

NEW Reclaimed Timber

The Reclaimed Timber Plank is by far the most popular in the wood plank concrete stamp offering. So much so, Proline introduced the first stamp in their innovative new line of Super Stamps in the 10” Reclaimed Timber. This Reclaimed Timber 10″ Gang Tool is a fraction of the weight of traditional large tools. Double the stiffness and composite construction make the SUPER SERIES virtually indestructible. Check out the NEW S-BWR270 SET or the individual pieces.

Where to use wood concrete texture stamps

Concrete stamps are a smart way to transform patios and interior floors. Get the look of real wood with the durability and easy maintenance of concrete. Plus, thanks to the endless color options, concrete can accentuate and enhance any design aesthetic.

  • Wood stamped concrete patios: Transform a plain concrete patio into a look-alike deck. A wood stamped patio has the rustic look of wood, including realistic grain patterns and textures!
  • Wood stamped concrete floors: Concrete floors are a great option for high traffic areas, both in businesses and in homes. Thanks to concrete’s durability, easy maintenance, and color options, this is an increasingly popular flooring option.
  • Wood stamped concrete pool decks: To create a warm, inviting pool area, use wood stamps on a concrete pool deck. A real wood pool deck looks beautiful but it’s not so practical. Wood gets damaged by moisture and chemicals. Plus, you don’t want slivers in bare feet! Wood stamps mimic the beautiful look but with a fraction of the maintenance.

How to really enhance your wood-stamped concrete

First off, if you’re going for a real-wood look, then you’ve got to incorporate the right colors. Luckily, this is a breeze with concrete. Try Water-Based Acrylic Stains in browns, blacks, reds, and grays, depending on the type of wood you’re imitating. Consider different finish techniques such as rolling, sponging, and brushing. Water, when sprayed on during application, can blend and soften the colors.

Secondly, consider border art or decorative accents that will tie the look together. Personalize the area with rustic or classic embellishments or consider a statement piece like a medallion or compass rose.

Wood Plank Concrete Stamped Kitchen Floor

Benefits of concrete

There are so many benefits to concrete!

#1) Durability is a major benefit. Concrete is so hard and strong that it’s not easily damaged. It can handle pets, messes, heavy furniture, and dropped items. When properly installed, concrete lasts for years.

#2) Concrete is also easy to maintain. When sealed correctly, concrete requires a sweeping and damp mopping to get clean. While cracks can occur over time, they’re often easy to fix with a simple patch kit.

#3) The ability to add radiant heat is another attractive benefit of concrete, especially for interior floors.

#4) Concrete is less expensive than hardwood and labor is usually cheaper too.

#5) Concrete is highly customizable when stains, tints, and other decorative features are used.

Shop wood stamps at Calico Construction Products

We have all the supplies you need for your faux wood concrete project. We take pride in helping our customers create fantastic concrete surfaces with our expertise and attention to detail. Browse our online store and contact us at 800-221-9469 if you have any questions!

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