Pool Deck Surface Options

When designing a pool area, there are so many benefits to incorporating a concrete pool deck. Homeowners may initially think of drab motel pools but have no fear! There are nearly countless options that are beautiful and functional. Let’s take a deep dive into the many opportunities of concrete pool decks.

Five benefits of a concrete pool deck

#1: Durability: This is one of the biggest benefits of concrete. A concrete pool deck will look great for a long time, no matter what weather or chemicals it’s exposed to. Any colors or tints that are used will stay fresh and vibrant as long as the proper sealants are used.

#2: Low maintenance: Cleaning a pool deck with a power washer (we usually recommend once a year) is easy to do since there are no grout lines or annoying gaps to manage.

#3: Safety: By mixing a non-skid additive into the concrete, you can create a safe environment around any pool. This quick and easy step will be appreciated by any homeowner!

#4: Affordability: For homeowners, concrete is usually less expensive than options like stone or tile. The labor is typically more affordable, too.

#5: Customization: This is often considered the primary benefit of concrete – you can create nearly any look or style depending on the stamps and colors used. More on this below!

Stamping options for pool decks

Concrete stamps offer nearly unlimited patterns that beautifully create or compliment any desired look whether modern, rustic, industrial, or coastal, just to name a few. With patterns including slate, flagstone, brick, and reclaimed wood, a concrete pool deck can replicate so many natural materials.

Here are three of our top faves for pool decks (but make sure to check out our full concrete stamp collection!):

Wood stamps: Get the look of wood without cutting down any trees. These “wood” planks won’t get damaged by moisture or chemicals and they won’t give anyone slivers.

Slate stamps: Evoke the Mediterranean with timeless slate tiles courtesy of concrete stamps! These tiles won’t chip or crack though, since they have the incredible durability of concrete.

Random stone stamps: Get the natural beauty of stone with the customization of concrete! Choose from a variety of styles, including sandstone, garden stone, and flagstone.

At Calico, we carry high-quality products by Proline:

Seamless Magnetic Pattern Concrete Stamps: These incredible tools make decorative concrete stamping a breeze! The stamps’ magnets link up to  align the grout lines with ease, without any joint touchup or squeeze out. There are no repeat patterns — users just rotate and lock in place. Plus, thanks to their lighter weight, there is less user fatigue and more coverage. Read Proline Magnetic Skins Are a Game Changer!

Super Skins: These stamps are basically indestructible thanks to a limited lifetime warranty and fiber reinforced composite constructive. They’re twice as stiff as traditional skins yet half the weight. Learn more about Super Skins!

Color options for pool decks

No gray concrete here! Look to our wide selection of color options to turn a simple pool deck into a work of art. With our concrete color products by Proline and Smith’s, such as water-based acrylic stains, color hardener, antiquing wash, integral color, and more, you’ll achieve a beautiful look that the homeowners will love for years to come. We see a lot of gorgeous browns and grays, which coordinate well with many homes. Light colors are popular too, since they stay cool and help to achieve a modern, minimalist look.

Use Proline Color Hardener or Integral Color for creating base color on new concrete and ProStain to freshen existing concrete. For accent colors, consider products such as water-based acrylic stain, EZ-Tique Antiquing Wash, and Antique Release.

Learn more about the differences between color products and read our FAQ Stamped Concrete Coloring Options.

Don’t forget the accents and sealer

The addition of edging, borders, and decorative accents will customize a pool deck and make it unique. Animal track stamps, accent pieces, and medallions can be used to add a special flair and create a cohesive look for the project.

Sealers are always important and pool decks are no different. Sealers will preserve the concrete and make it a breeze to clean. Plus, these products can help maintain and even intensify the colors.

A note on safety:

Safety is so important and it’s required by insurance and building codes. If you’re installing a new pool, be sure to follow the recommended guidelines for your area, whether they include installing a locked gate, adding a pool cover, or using sensors or an alarm system.

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